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What are Bitcoins ?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held in electronic form. No one controls it, bitcoins are not printed as dollars or euros - they are created by people, and more and more enterprises, included computers around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems ...

Who created BitCoin?

The developer Satoshi Nakamoto suggested the Bitcoin software, electronic payment system based on mathematical proof. The idea was to make the currency independent of any central body, transferable in electronic form only, more or less quickly, with very low operating costs.

Bitcoin offers security to both buyer and seller.
Historically all means of payment or value objects have had security problems. Computer problems have caused the theft of thousands of credit card numbers, leaving unprotected purchasers who may have suffered significant losses. When we make purchases with Bitcoin do not have to disclose sensitive information such as credit card numbers or bank accounts and therefore there is no risk that the information is stolen from the online seller. Bitcoin is also preferable to other online payment systems, especially for the seller. In Bitcoin transaction fees are very low and there is no risk that fraudulent buyers and scammers that reverse payment, staying with both the product and with the money. Finally, the characteristics of this virtual currency allow pages to establish a service trust (escrow), ensuring that the seller receives the money only if the product has successfully reached its destination. This is often used on auction and sale of second-hand goods.
Bitcoin, the currency that is changing the world.
Bitcoin is a currency like the euro or the US dollar, used to exchange goods and services. However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin is an electronic currency that presents novel features and notable for its efficiency, safety and ease of exchange. Their biggest difference compared to other currencies, is a decentralized currency, so anyone possession. Bitcoin has no central issuer as dollars or euros, the cryptocurrency is produced by individuals and companies around the world devoting considerable resources to mining. If you know what is bitcoin and what you seek is directly buy bitcoins, here you have an entry in the web that explains it. Here we go with the guide.
Here are some features of introduction to Bitcoin:
I'll show you how in some ways resembles Bitcoin cash we all know. In addition to presenting many of the physical characteristics of this medium known to use always keep control of our funds. In addition, we also have many of the advantages that the digital medium offers us is immediate, it can be sent anywhere in the world, etc. Virtual currencies cheapen costs by eliminating middlemen altogether. Today is still very common that sending money anywhere in the world involve major fees or commissions due to the large number of intermediaries is in the process. This includes: bank transfer commissions, fees for accepting or using credit or debit cards, fees for services using "send money" or commissions for using services "online payment". In Bitcoin no intermediaries and the money goes directly from person to person: from buyer to seller or owners. This reduces substantially the price of sending money and also allowed to sell products and services at a fair price.